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SEO: Being found for free
Through Search Engine Optimization (or SEO), we’ll improve the volume and quality of the traffic that comes to your site from search engines via “organic” (free or natural) results. SEO improves the visibility and findability of your Web site or page and helps get your site as high as possible on the major search engines results page.

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is one of the top ways you can increase your findability. You bid on specific keywords to target a geographical area and relevant topics. You pay only when a user clicks on your SEM ad, known as cost-per-click. You control the message and determine where your ads are seen. Your ad is seen only by prospects who are looking for what you have to offer. New customers find your business by seeing the paid results when they search your key terms

PRWeb – press releases
We help you target new customers through public relations when they search for terms relevant to your business, products or services. Using PRWeb will maximize your SEO — news sources such as Hearst Media Services news and information websites and PRWeb are highly legitimate sources of content by search engines. Plus, when people search, they tend to click on news results more than other types. External links to your site from news sources increase the search engine quality score of sites.

Banners & Rich Media
Hearst Media Services gives you direct access to the active and affluent online audiences in some of the most sought-after markets in the nation. Capture the attention of this audience with a consistent presence across one or more of our news and information sites. Or dominate the marketplace with innovative rich media solutions such as site take-over, home page wraps and unique and animated adscapes.

Behavioral and Geo Targeting
Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns by targeting consumers based on where they live or their online behavior — pages they have visited, searches they’ve made. You can identify consumers — such as parents interested in weekend entertainment or homeowners looking to remodel — and deliver your message to people who are most interested in your specific product or service. With targeting, you hit the right target audience with the right target message.

Email Marketing
E-mail marketing is an efficient, cost-effective way to market your business. With our permission-based e-mail marketing, your message will reach a welcoming, engaged audience. We’ll help you target to demographic, lifestyle or geographic criteria. Since Hearst Media Services is approved for mass e-mail servers, your message won’t be diverted as spam.

Mobile Marketing
The fast way to reach potential customers when they’re out and about and ready to buy.

Reputation Management
The latest technology that tracks what people are saying about you all across the Web.

Employee Recruitment
We partner with Monster, the world-famous online recruitment leader, to bring you the most-qualified candidates available.

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